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Mental Health Support Services

Our integrated mental health services encourage the people we support in their participation in decision-making when determining their care plan and recovery journey.

Through our innovative approach, Life Without Barriers’ mental health programs support individuals to participate in their community and to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them.

Our model of care and support is delivered by skilled and qualified personnel and our services include psychosocial rehabilitation support, supported accommodation and respite care.

Life Without Barriers’ psychosocial rehabilitation support services provide support to people with a mental illness, delivered in their own home, in their community.

Structured through a community outreach approach, our psychosocial rehabilitation support services are tailored to each individual’s needs, promoting community participation and access as well as supporting the development of living skills that promote independence. Our supported accommodation services further provide flexible, tailored living arrangements and lifestyle support to individuals with a mental illness delivered within a home or residential unit in the community.

Supported accommodation can be transitional or provided on a long-term basis and may include 24 hour support as determined by your care plan and recovery journey. Sometimes it's hard to take a break when you're caring for someone who lives with a mental illness or needs special support.

Our respite services meet the needs of the individual living with a mental illness while giving carers or families planned short-term breaks that support the primary care-giving relationship. These services offer flexible respite options including in-home or centre-based, host family, supported holidays and community activities designed to improve your quality of life.

Our mental health services are designed to develop a sense of self and supportive relationships as part of your life experience we will also explore the underlying causes of your situation to help you get back to better health.