We champion diversity, inclusivity and equality in all we do.

Life Without Barriers is committed to improving employment opportunities for people with disability by enhancing our workforce and business practices and lobbying and encouraging all Australian employers to do the same.

The commencement of this Access Inclusion and Employment Plan comes at a time when Australia is experiencing record lows in unemployment, yet barriers continue to be faced by people with disability.

The 2022-2025 Access Inclusion and Employment Plan outlines our commitments to improving access and creating employment without barriers for people with disability. Central to our plan is for 15% of our workforce to identify as having disability in the next three years.

“Life Without Barriers is committed to creating change for people with disability, by people with disability.”


Access Inclusion and Employment Plan

Access Inclusion and Employment Plan 2022-2025

Our Workplace

  • Disability Accessibility Wellbeing Network (DAWN)

    Our Disability Accessibility Wellbeing Network (DAWN) is a space for employees to identify opportunities. Team members bring forward solutions for how we can support people living with disability, as well as chronic and mental health conditions, and create a more inclusive workplace.

    "My Stepping Into Internship was my step into a disability confident world. I felt truly accepted for the first time in a workplace. I now have the privilege of calling myself a Provisional Chartered Accountant and Co-Chair of DAWN."


  • Disability Confident Recruiter

    Life Without Barriers was first awarded Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) status by the Australian Network on Disability (AND) in 2019. We reaffirmed our commitment to providing a barrier-free and inclusive recruitment process for people with disability through conistent renewal of our DCR status.

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    "From the day of my first interview with Life Without Barriers to when I was offered a job, I knew I had found an employer who saw me for my true value and not my disability. With the right workplace adjustments, I can do my job just as well as any non-disabled person."


Measuring our progress

Life Without Barriers is an active participant in the Australian Network on Disability’s Access and Inclusion Index through which we monitor our progress.

Learn more about the Access & Inclusion index


Real life stories from some of our team members

Real Stories

Meet Alex, one of our YPEP participants.

Young People's Employment Pathway (YPEP) is a program offered by Life Without Barriers designed to support young people with disability to gain job-ready skills and experience and find meaningful employment.

Other employment supports

Employment Without Barriers (EWB)

Are you an Organisation wanting to be more inclusive but unsure where to start? Join our EWB campaign to access great tools and resources.

Employ My Ability

Employ My Ability, a government strategy, providing a framework for employers to increaseemployment outcomes for people with disability.