The National Behaviour Intervention Support team provide specialist expertise to improve the quality of life for people with disability and reduce restrictive practices.

The National Behaviour Intervention and Support (BIS) team will work with you to understand why certain behaviours happen, and what can be done differently to support people to live positive and meaningful lives. We promote a culture of respect and enabling people’s human rights.  

How the National BIS Team can help

We are a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider. The BIS team provide specialist services to improve the quality of life of children, adults and older people in every state and territory across Australia. 

The BIS team can: 

  • Collaborate with individuals to develop interim and comprehensive behaviour support plans and provide training, implementation and monitoring support; 

  • Complete functional capacity assessments; 

  • Provide therapeutic supports; 

  • Create safety plans; 

  • Provide clinical expertise and plans both locally and through telehealth. 

The BIS team will work with the person at the centre of the plan, their support network and other service providers to:

  • Personalise support strategies to help the individual live the life they choose; 

  • Provide practical advice and planning to help meet individual needs; 

  • Work within a Positive Behaviour Support framework using evidence and data to design strategies and measure outcomes; 

  • Promote a culture of respect, human rights and support positive and meaningful lives. 

The BIS team aim to avoid, reduce, and eliminate restrictive practices wherever possible.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the Behaviour Intervention Support (BIS) team?  

The BIS team is made up of Behaviour Support Practitioners who have been assessed as suitable (by the NDISC) to deliver specialised positive behaviour support, including assessments and development of behaviour support plans.

All practitioners employed on the National BIS Team engage in ongoing professional development and receive appropriate support and supervision to remain current with evidence-informed practice and approaches to behaviour support.

All individuals employed on the National BIS Team providing therapeutic supports (i.e., supports funded under Improved Daily Living) are considered an Appropriately Qualified or Experienced Person (AQEP), and maintain relevant registration for the area in which they are providing support.

Who needs this service and why? 

People who use behaviour to communicate unmet needs, or behaviour that limits their community participation, or people who engage in behaviour that interferes with them meeting their goals can benefit from this service.

The BIS team work alongside people to improve and enrich their quality of life and the environments they live in to help reduce behaviours of concern and reduce any restrictive practices. 

How do people access this service? 

The BIS team provide behaviour support and therapy services to NDIS participants under Capacity Building, Improved Daily Living, and Improved Relationships/Behaviour Support.

Non-NDIS participants can access these services with Life Without Barriers on a fee for service basis. 

What is involved in applying for it? 

During your planning session with an NDIA planner, participants can negotiate funding under Capacity Building, Improved Relationships/Behaviour Support. Alternatively, participants can discuss change of circumstances or accessing these types of funding with their support coordinator or LAC. 

To find out more about these services, please email the knowledgeable team or complete the online form.

What is Positive Behaviour Support? 

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) involves the following principles: 

  • Measurable outcomes; 

  • Evidence-based interventions; 

  • Accessible Implementation systems, and; 

  • Data for decision making. 

Supports will be:

  • Person-centred, ensuring the person, and their own goals, are at the centre;

  • Delivered in partnership, built on collaboration with the person and all key stakeholders;

  • Positive and proactive, focusing on preventative, rather than reactive, strategies;

  • Process-driven and evidence-based, moving through a cycle of identifying, assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating data.

Is there anything that would exclude me from receiving this service? 

The BIS team work closely with individuals to make sure that they are a good match. Feel free to contact them to see if they are right for you - 

Do I need to have my supports through Life Without Barriers to access BIS? 

No, the BIS team will work with you and whichever provider you choose to support you. The BIS team are independent of other Life Without Barriers’ supports. 

Contact the National BIS team

Email or call our National Behaviour Intervention and Support team or submit an online referral form to get started.