1 March 2021

With the support of his mother, his support worker Kathy and Life Without Barriers, Brett Rasmussen was amongst the first people to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Australia, alongside the Prime Minister.

Life Without Barriers client Brett receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

As the first supplies of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Australia last week, Life Without Barriers showed its support for the Government’s vaccine rollout by assisting Brett Rasmussen, a gentleman who chooses Life Without Barriers disability services, to join a group of people who received the first doses of the vaccine in Australia.

Brett’s momentous experience was made all the more special as he received his vaccine alongside Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Recorded by dozens of media networks, Brett even had the opportunity to chat with the Prime Minister and the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt.

Shortly after receiving the vaccine, Brett was happy and relieved to have the added protection against the COVID-19 virus, saying he was “feeling good”.

His Life Without Barriers support person, Kathryn King, said he was very brave when receiving the injection. “He was a champion – brave man he is,” said Kathryn.

The COVID-19 vaccine is another important way for Brett to be protected from the virus. Of course, washing hands regularly, maintaining physical distance when in public and following COVID safe measures can help keep everyone safe.

Life Without Barriers supports over 1400 people in residential settings across Australia. To ensure the protection of our staff and people we support, we are currently working with the Department of Health to ensure people in Phase 1a are able to access the vaccine if they choose.

Life Without Barriers' client Brett with Prime Minister Scott Morrison talking before receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. Brett has his back to the camera and is wearing a blue checked shirt. Prime Minister Morrison is wearing an Australian flag face mask and a yellow and grey t-shirt.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Life Without Barriers is ensuring continuity of care for the people we support during this challenging time

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