1 April 2022

Hook into Books: nurturing a love of reading, one story at a time!

Five women in 'The Deck' cafe holding up books from a suitcase.

Research shows that raising a child in a home filled with books positively impacts their future academic growth and job attainment.  A book-filled home encourages a culture of reading for enjoyment and talking about books!  Being surrounded by lots of books helps children build vocabulary, increase awareness and comprehension, and expand horizons — all benefiting them in adulthood. 

At Life Without Barriers, we are thrilled to be able to support our community to bring more books into their homes. Introducing the Life Without Barriers Travelling Book Suitcases! These suitcases are stocked to the brim with a wide range of literacy resources, including YA novels, picture books, First Nations stories, fiction and non-fiction books, comics, magazines, graphic novels, support guides and other fun stuff!   

The Travelling Book Suitcases* are set to travel around Australia to connect the Life Without Barriers community with reading and sharing stories!    

What better way to nurture reading and enhance literacy skills than to get books in the hands of our community? 

Why the Life Without Barriers Traveling Suitcases are so great

Each Travelling Book Suitcase aims to connect children and young people with stories.

We want all kids far and wide to be curious, to touch, feel, play and share the resources in each case. Experiencing the diversity that each case brings aims to 'hook' children and young people into books, stories and storytelling - nurturing a life-long love of reading.

And, each Travelling Books Suitcase is more than just a novelty; it represents connection in our community and inclusion for all who experience it.

Suitcase and books spread out on a blanket with bunting in the background.

How it works:  

  • Request a visit from the suitcase by emailing hookintobooks@lwb.org.au – tell us who you are and what age groups will be accessing the suitcase (this will ensure we include lots of great appropriate reads for them).  

  • Each suitcase can be borrowed from Life Without Barriers for up to 4 weeks. 

  • Life Without Barriers will cover postage costs to and from the suitcase destination.  

  • We understand that some books may not make the return trip – this is all part of the fun of the Hook into Books Campaign. We all win when a book is loved!  

Who can request a suitcase?

  • Are you working with children and families? Why not take the suitcase along on your next visit?  

  • Is the reception area of your office looking a little drab? Perhaps our book suitcase or bag can brighten it up?  

  • Are you a worker in a residential home and think that young folk may enjoy a visit from the book suitcase?   

  • Do you support young parents? Perhaps a suitcase would support a weekly story time for the people you support?  

  • Are you a carer who wants to expose your children/young people to a range of books without the expense?  

Our Life Without Barriers Travelling Book Suitcases have brought joy and excitement to many children and young people across Australia. Image what a visit could bring your family or community!

We want to say a huge thank you to the Children's Books Council Australia, Brolly Books, University Queensland Press, Hachette Publishing, Children's Rights Queensland, Pan Macmillan Australia and Wildflowers and Reading Hours, who donated books for the travelling suitcases. We could not get books in the hands of kids without you!

Image: Image: University Queensland Press logo, Children's Book Council of Australia logo, Brolly Books logo Wildflowers and Reading Hours logo, Children's Rights Queensland logo, Pan Macmillan Australia and Hachette Australia logo.

If this activity is impacted by COVID-19, suitcases will not be shared, and a backpack may be sent. 

Hook Into Books!

Supporting Children and Young People to build bright futures through education and learning “Everyday Everyway”.

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