10 July 2023

Libraries are a place of adventure and wonder for kids and adults of all ages.

Image: Michelle is wearing glasses and sitting in front of a bookshelf holding two copies of her book 'Sass and Traz Save the Library'.

Long gone are the days of dusty bookshelves, ancient books and librarians who ‘shhhhh’ you for breathing too loudly. Libraries today are vibrant hubs of activity, places of community and belonging, filled with children’s giggles, songs and storytelling.  

The Hook into Books™ initiative Members Only encourages all people, young and old, to seek out their local libraries and experience these amazing community resources. While you’re there - sign up and reap the wonderful benefits that library membership brings in the quest for literacy for life!  

Michelle Worthington, author of Sass and Traz Save the Library and supporter of Hook into Books™, says:  

"I wrote Sass and Traz because I was a library monitor at school, and one of my favourite things to do was put the books back on the shelves. I loved researching the Dewey Decimal System, how and why it was invented, and then sharing that with students during school visits.

"When I think about choosing a library for the book's setting, I think it was inevitable because I have always loved reading and being read to."

"The library was always a safe space for me to retreat to when I couldn’t find anyone to play with at lunchtime. Some of my best friends were in books." Michelle Worthington.

Image: Young blonde boy reading in a library. He is wearing a blue t-shirt.

Why join a library?

10 reasons we love the library:

  1. Free books!

  2. Access to audiobooks & e-books.

  3. Availability of all kinds of books.

  4. A quiet space, to read, study, and chill.

  5. Free internet.

  6. Free classes/workshops where you can learn a new skill.

  7. Storytime and rhyme time for little kids.

  8. Awesome librarians – who know a lot of stuff!

  9. Opportunities to meet and build community with like-minded people.

  10. Being a member instils a sense of responsibility – keeping the card safe, looking after your books and understanding deadlines for return. A great way to develop skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your local library here and sign up today! 

Click here to find your local street library.

Hook Into Books™!

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