2 August 2023

We can all encourage reading with our children and young people.

Image: Collage of children reading.

You are your child’s first and most important educator. It’s the example you set and the environment you create for your children that has the biggest impact on their life.

As a parent, foster parent, guardian or teacher, you can do simple everyday things to encourage children to read. Creating excitement around literacy can start by reading to them and with them, or with a fun activity like a trip to the library where they can select their own book. 

Be ‘caught reading’

Kids love to copy adults, and if they see you cuddled up with a good book or taking time to read the newspaper over a coffee on a Sunday, they may want to join in.

By leading by example, you’ll not only reap the benefits of reading yourself, but you’ll also model a love for reading that might rub off on the little people around you.  

For the Hook into Books™ Campaign, Life Without Barriers will be modelling reading for our community in the Catch-a-Reader online photo-sharing activity.  

Image: A collage of children reading books.

How to get involved and #CatchAReader?

To 'catch’ a reader, snap a photo of someone (or even yourself) reading! For little kids or kids in foster care, make sure the book covers their faces to protect them. You can also take a picture of your latest book or magazine or even a cute Kindle flat lay!

Your ‘reading catches’ can be shared with the Life Without Barriers community by sending them to hookintobooks@lwb.org.au. You can also upload them and tag us! Use the hashtags #LifeWithoutBarriers, #HookIntoBooks and #CatchAReader and tag us on social media to be featured. You can find our social media '@' below.

How many ‘catches’ can you make?  

Hook Into Books™!

Supporting Children and Young People to build bright futures through education and learning “Everyday Everyway”.

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