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Our commitment to education

A successful education journey is essential for a positive future. However, many children and young people growing up in out-of-home care are at risk of not achieving their educational potential as they are often impacted by complex histories and trauma.

As a major provider of out-of-home care (OOHC) for children and young people in Australia, Life Without Barriers' recognises that we play an important role – not only are we responsible for ensuring children and young people have the best start in life, but also to support them reach their learning goals and full potential.

Life Without Barriers is committed to working with children and young people, families, carers, governments, and education providers so that all children and young people can experience inclusive education and fully participate in learning, alongside similar-aged peers.

Our Education Strategy "Learning Without Barriers" outlines our commitment to working together to ensure our education systems are inclusive.

The voice of children and young people

Hearing the voice of children and young people is important to us. Hear what Shiloh has to tell us about the importance of culturally responsive education.

What do we want to achieve?

Revitalise education and enhance learning outcomes for children and young people in out-of-home care by addressing individual barriers, challenging systemic barriers, and influencing positive change that promotes educational achievement.

We have four key areas of focus:

1. Lifelong Learners

Engaging and inspiring children and young people in education and learning that ignites learning for life.

2. Confident Caregivers

Supporting staff and carers to be a driving force in setting children and young people up for education and learning success.

3. Purposeful Partnerships

Partnering with government, educators, and the care sector to accelerate education opportunities for children and young people in care.

4. Focused Organisation

Implementing structural, systemic, and cultural changes in our education and child protection services.

Hook into Books

We have teamed up with Australian authors, children, young people, carers and our Life Without Barriers workforce to provide an annual literacy campaign, Hook into Books!

Our goal is to create conditions that nurture a love of reading and engage children and young people in care to share and listen to stories.

Hook into Books creates easy access to a range of fantastic books and multimodal literacy opportunities for our community.

Want to know more?

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