25 January 2022

"Most obstacles are imaginary."

Roylene is standing in an office wearing a pink Joblife shirt. She is holding two brochures. Ones says 'you start Monday' the other says 'I start Monday'.

Roylene spent a lot of 2019 applying for jobs but did not have a lot of luck. After some negative feedback, her mental health began to decline - but then she spoke to a counsellor who referred her to Life Without Barriers' partner Joblife Employment. Roylene was able to set up a meeting and signed up right away for support.

One week after joining as a client with Joblife, Roylene started working there! The team saw the potential in Roylene right away and loved her enthusiasm. Roylene started in an administration position supporting the employment consultants. After excelling in this role for 10 months, she was promoted to full time work as an Employment consultant with our Wollongong team!

"Seeing the smiles on my clients face when they start their first day of employment, or, and receiving positive text messages from them saying they have been excepted or given the position is a highlight for me." Said Roylene.

Roylene is a valued member of a high performing team. Her favourite time of day is the mornings, she gets a morning buzz from and feels energised and ready for the day and ready to help more people!

We asked her what advice she would give to jobseekers who have not found work yet and she said:

"Most obstacles are imaginary."

"The rest are only temporary, never give up on where you see yourself going, continue walking your path to success and good things will come, be patient and open to expanding outside the box and don’t be afraid to take on something you feel is to hard." She said.

"Give it go just keep walking."

Are you a jobseeker with disability?

JobLife helps people find sustainable, meaningful work.

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