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employment opportunities
for people with a disability

1 in 5 people in Australia have disability

Yet only half of those, who are of working age, have secured employment

People with disability experience more barriers to employment than people without – we think this is unacceptable

Learn more about the powerful, life-changing impact of inclusive workplaces by reading the stories of the people who have been welcomed into Life Without Barriers

Real life stories from some of our team members

Learn more about how we are continually reviewing our recruitment and retention process to ensure we find new ways to welcome people with a disability into our organisation. David Meere talks about how we strive to not only offer jobs, but meaningful careers for all of our employees and ensure we create a workplace with open minded and supportive colleagues.
Through the support of Life Without Barriers and a range of managers, Emily has managed to go from a 3 day part time office administrator role, to a full time senior project officer. Something she once thought was impossible.

Position Paper

Read our Position Paper to learn more about the barriers people with disability face and what Life Without Barriers is doing to create an inclusive and accessible workplace.

Our Commitment

Read our Commitment to people with disability.

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What are the barriers to employment faced by people with disability?


The biggest issue people with disability face is discrimination during the recruitment phase as well as in the workplace, which is largely through unconscious bias.

What you can do

Join our campaign to create employment without barriers.

Poor understanding of the rights of people with disability

People with disability have both legal and moral rights, and yet often this is not known or understood, which means their rights are not met – or worse, breached!

What you can do

Know and understand the rights people with disability have and promote their rights to build a more accessible, more inclusive community.

Lack of job availability

Despite unemployment being relatively low at 7% (December 2020), there is very little marketing of jobs to people with a disability to encourage them to seek out great employment and to feel welcomed in the workspace.

What you can do

Joblife Employment provides highly-personalised support for people with disability, or people with an injury, who are returning to work. Connect with Joblife, to find your next employee.

Lack of assistance with job seeking

Because of the barriers people with disability face, they experience more hardship when looking for job opportunities and insufficient support to sustain employment in a way that they feel included and valued in the workplace.

What you can do

  • Be a champion employer for people with disability. In order to change the experiences of people with disability across Australia, we all need to join together and positively influence the experiences people with disability have in their search for work.

Difficulty in accessing skills training and education

People with disability are just like every other job seeker and employee and may require support and training.

What you can do

  • Challenge some of your own assumptions and talk with candidates about what they might need in the same way you engage all other potential candidates!

Workplace flexibility

While many workplaces now have flexible work arrangements, they may not fully consider the needs of people with disability – both physical and wellbeing needs.

What you can do

  • Think about what else you can do to ensure your workplace is fully accessible and inclusive. Often this starts with a simple and positive conversation like, “What can we do to make your workplace environment comfortable for you”.

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At Life Without Barriers, our doors are always open to people with disability. We are proud to be an accredited Disability Confident Recruiter through the Australian Network on Disability (AND). This means we are unequivocally committed to ensuring our recruitment and selection processes are accessible to people with disability. Find out how you can also become a Disability Confident Recruiter.

Together, we can create employment without barriers
- Claire Robbs, Chief Executive

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