18 October 2023

Rob and Tim, exceptional youth workers at Life Without Barriers, have been nominated for the 2023 WA Youth Awards.

Image: Rob and Tim standing together outside. They are both wearing black tops.

The WA Youth Awards 2023, organised under the leadership of Youth Minister Simone McGurk, aims to recognise the outstanding achievements of young individuals, dedicated youth workers, and youth organisations across Western Australia (WA).

Many exceptional youth workers from across the state were nominated, with 38 finalists selected from diverse backgrounds, all committed to making a positive impact within the youth community. A remarkable 129 nominations were received across ten award categories, reflecting the outstanding contributions of the youth in Western Australia.

The award winners, including the prestigious title of WA Young Person of the Year, will be unveiled at the WA Youth Awards gala ceremony on October 27. Among the ten award categories, the Minister for Youth's Most Outstanding Youth Worker Award stands out, and it is in this category that Rob and Tim, two exceptional youth workers at Life Without Barriers, have gained recognition for their unwavering dedication and work.

Rob and Tim celebrated their nominations with some of their team last week. Their colleagues shared the following about them.


"Rob works tirelessly to create a safe, comfortable, consistent, secure, supportive, and fun environment for young people, whether it be for one night at ARYA house* or for longer-term placements in residential houses. This has been evidenced in his passionate advocacy for improvements to ARYA house in the form of repairs, furniture, décor and functionality. This has in turn led to a more comfortable space, less property damage and the children taking pride in the space they are presented with nightly."

"Rob proves to the young people that he cares. Having a youth worker that cares is a catalyst for such change that cannot possibly be measured."

"Rob’s relentless advocacy for what the young people need does not go unnoticed, many say they are thankful to him for being someone who is always supporting them no matter what."


"Tim ensures that the children and young people who he works with have their voice heard and that they are safe and always supported - regardless of any challenges they may present or face. This is evident when speaking to the children and young people whom he supports, who say that above everything else, 'he makes me feel safe.'"

"He makes me feel safe."

"Tim has worked long hours, days and weeks, however, his support of Life Without Barriers and the children and young people he works with has never wavered. He goes above and beyond time and time again and no matter what is happening, when he walks in the door to greet the children and young people, everything else that is happening is left at the door."

"Tim ensures he spends one-on-one time with each of the children and young people to ensure they know they have his attention, sometimes this even means going out of his comfort zone and getting his nails and make-up done or going back to school to support the young people when they need!"

Rob and Tim, in their roles as dedicated youth workers, are examples of unwavering commitment and boundless passion. They make a profound impact on the lives of children and young people supported by Life Without Barriers. Their dedication has created safe, nurturing, and supportive environments for the youth, fostering their growth and development.

Life Without Barriers thanks all our youth workers for the outstanding contributions in the work you do to improve the outcomes for children and young people every day.

As a testament to the significance of their work, category winners will receive a $1,000 prize, while the WA Young Person of the Year will be granted a substantial $10,000 bursary, intended for a youth-related initiative or activity in Western Australia. These awards are made possible through a collaboration between the Department of Communities and the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia, with generous support from Lotterywest.

Youth Minister Simone McGurk expressed her thoughts on the exciting news, stating,

"It's heartening to see such a huge number of nominations this year, as this reflects the fantastic work being done across the WA youth sector. I look forward to celebrating the nominees and award winners on the night."

*ARYA house is a safe environment that provides overnight accommodation for up to 6 young people between the ages of 14 and 17 years, two nutritious meals per day, snacks and laundry services. At least two full-time, skilled staff per shift operate the service between the hours of 5pm and 10am daily.

Find out more about ARYA house and our other homelessness services here.

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