31 January 2022

Going back to school can be both an exciting and daunting experience, especially during COVID.

Two girls doing school work together in a class room. There is a Life Without Barriers logo and ATA logo in the top corner.

Going back to school can be both an exciting and daunting experience – these experiences can be amplified if the child is in care. Change is challenging. Going back to school after holidays is another change and you might see escalated behaviours or emotional hiccups as a result.

The most important thing is to establish/re-establish a positive relationship with a young person and their school. It is only when a child feels safe and connected at school that learning will be able to happen. They might need time and support to re-learn some of the skills they had mastered last year.

Good relationships with school and open communication are the best way to support positive school experiences for any child.

The Life Without Barriers' Education unit and Australian Teacher Aide (ATA) bring you some tips to make this transition easier for the whole family.

You can also find the full handbook which includes a primary school and secondary school checklist, plan and other great resources which can be used for all kids below.

Disclaimer, each school has different COVID policies, the booklets attached below are state-based. Please check the current COVID polices, and procedures at your school.

Life Without Barriers will be working with ATA in 2022 to present a series of webinars that focus on how we can support kids to reach their educational potential. More to come on this.

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