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Youthful Ideas

Queensland’s Next Step After Care team has taken a lead role in developing an important youth forum in Ipswich, titled Future Building. The forum, which was held in partnership with the Ipswich Police-Citizen Youth Club (PCYC) on 14 April, was designed to ensure the voices of young people with a foster care or residential out of home care experience, were heard for inclusion in the Queensland Government’s new Youth Strategy.

Matthew Bambrick, a former Next Step client and now CREATE young consultant, led 30 young participants through a morning full of ideas and inspiration. Next Step After Care is a highly successful LWB-led partnership that assists young people who are transitioning from care.

“It was an amazing morning,” said LWB Area Operations Manager, Dean Keep. “The young people came up with some really ground-breaking work – ideas around bettering their own local area, with new town plans and school plans, but also ideas for the greater community, especially in the areas of environmentand employment. I was really impressed with their thinking.”

Local Member for Ipswich West, Jim Madden MP, attended the forum, and was impressed by the many important things the delegates had to say. “Your input here today will make a difference, you can be sure of that,” Mr Madden told the young people.

“The Queensland Government is committed to capturing your thoughts and ideas in the new youth strategy. This is a plan for your future and you should be the people having your say.” The Queensland Government is set to release the final version of the Youth Strategy later this year.