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Intern designs a new life

We have been lucky enough to work with the Australian Network on Disability to employ some amazing interns. Meet one of our newest recruits:

Hello! Let me introduce myself, my name is Dom Freestone and I am currently working as a Design Intern with the Marketing and Communications team at Life Without Barriers.

I finished university in 2017, obtaining a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design. Now, I guess what makes me a bit different from every other person I graduated, is that I’m a quadriplegic. I know right, a quadriplegic graphic designer, who would have thought? Before you say or think, “but quadriplegics can’t move their arms”, you should know that being a quadriplegic means that you have impaired movement in all four limbs, not a complete loss of movement, some quadriplegics can’t move their arms, but a lot can. Anyway let’s move on.

Since I finished university I have been looking for more than a job, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to contribute to something worthwhile. I want to contribute to something that makes a real difference in the community and aligns with my core values. Life Without Barriers values its ability to be responsive, something I feel I have truly embraced since obtaining my disability. LWB also values imagination, being courageous, being respectful and they also pride themselves on their ability to build relationships. I was so excited when I found out I was going to get an opportunity to work with a truly National company which aligned so closely with my value set.

Since I started at LWB I have been working with the Marketing and Communications team on projects which utilise and build on the skills I learned whilst at university. Every week I have been working on a diverse range of jobs, from print based media, to animation and internal planning. I have loved the variety of work and the opportunity to work with others in my chosen field to work towards a better tomorrow.

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