16 April 2024

“I feel like I have a life again. That's what you've given back to me."

Image: Mandy, who has shoulder-length dark hair and wears a black top with red flowers, is sitting in a wheelchair in her lounge room.

After an accident left Mandy on WorkCover, she found herself navigating a world where her once vibrant life felt restricted. Simple pleasures such as fishing trips, bingo outings, and outdoor photography became distant memories due to a lack of necessary support and equipment.

Recognising the need for greater support, Mandy sought help. In 2019, she secured NDIS funding and reached out to Life Without Barriers’ Support Coordination team in South Australia for guidance in navigating the NDIS and optimising her NDIS plan.

“I spent 15 months in hospital waiting for NDIS to come to the party, and I'd heard of Life Without Barriers, so I gave them a call and asked them if they could do my support co-ordination, which they very quickly did,” Mandy said.

Guided by her dedicated Support Coordinators, Leigh and Lyndsey, Mandy embarked on a transformative journey.

“I was getting so anxious. My mental health was suffering trying to deal with the NDIS, and Leigh, in the end, said, ‘No, we'll deal with that’. And it just took a weight off my mind,” reflected Mandy.

“She came in and quickly recognised that I wasn't getting the support I needed. I didn't have the equipment I needed, and she quickly got that sorted.”

Image: Mandy and Lyndsey sit on armchairs in the loungeroom, laughing together.

Together, they worked to increase Mandy's support hours and explored the use of innovative assistive technologies to build her capacity for independence. Mandy’s Support Coordinator played a pivotal role by connecting her with a skilled Occupational Therapist who facilitated access to assistive devices.

Image: Mandy and Lyndsey looking at Mandy's mobile phone.

Among these life-changing tools was a video camera installed at her door, providing Mandy with the freedom to screen visitors and maintain her sense of security and autonomy. Additionally, Mandy received a new adjustable electronic bed, significantly improving her mobility, as well as a stair lift and a cozy recliner for added comfort.

“Thanks to the OT assessment, I now have a new bed that is fully adjustable and electronic to help me get in and out of bed and a stairlift to get to the upper storey,” Mandy explained.

Combining these crucial support areas and capacity-building tools was a pivotal change for Mandy.

“I feel like I have a life again. That's what you've given back to me."

Image: Mandy holds up a painting she created, showing it to the camera.

Now, with newfound confidence and support in place, Mandy joyously returns to the activities she loves.

“With Life Without Barriers, goal setting is achievable now. It's not something that I look at and think, I don't have hope of doing that,” Mandy said.

“My goals are realistic: to go out fishing and to be part of the community. And I'm doing it; I'm achieving my goals.”

Image: Mandy wears a raincoat, sitting in a camping chair and holding a fishing rod with a fish on the hook.

“We went fishing on the Glenelg River in Victoria. It was absolutely fantastic. I never thought I could do the things I'm doing now.”

“It feels like, you know, I might be in a chair, but I'm still living life. I'm still enjoying life.”

Whether casting her line in the river, marking numbers off her bingo card, indulging her creative passions, or enjoying a well-deserved holiday, she embraces the fullness of life once more.

“My future now looks bright. Whereas before, I had nothing to look forward to, now I do. After I met the ladies at Life Without Barriers, my life has 100% changed.”

Image: Mandy is outdoors with her dog on a lead next to her.

Life Without Barriers’ skilled Support Coordination team

Our team assists NDIS participants of all ages in turning their dreams into achievable goals by maximising their NDIS plan.

We offer NDIS Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination with local experts to navigate the NDIS. We also offer Psychosocial Recovery Coaching for those participants with a psychosocial disability who require support managing the complex challenges of daily living.

Our Support Coordination services are available nationwide, with the capacity to welcome new participants.

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