Life Without Barriers is the Australasian Network Partner for MST Services supporting the implementation and delivery of MST and MST Prevention across Australia and New Zealand. Life Without Barriers provides accredited orientation training for MST and MST adaptations.

What is MST Orientation Training?

All new MST clinicians, supervisors, and some other MST program staff will participate in orientation training designed to prepare MST teams to begin working with young people and their families. This training is only available for these practitioners.

We offer a blended learning approach, however, if better indicated, a 5-day face to face format is available. It is also possible that some experiential classroom trainings will be delivered virtually for flexibility.

The MST Blended Learning Orientation Training consists of 5 components and requires the participant to independently complete online e-learning modules in advance of attending a 2-day experiential training with a live trainer. The modules cover the following:

  • Component 1: MST Introduction  

  • Component 2: Reading assignments 

  • Component 3: E-learning modules 

  • Component 4: Experiential Classroom Training 

  • Component 5: MST Exam 

Online registration closes 21 days prior to the experiential classroom training dates listed to provide enough time for the participants to receive their training materials via post and complete Components 1-3 listed above.

Participants can begin their Orientation Training once they receive their training materials via post AND an email notifying the participant of their log in credentials for the MSTS e-Learning Platform.   

For further information

If you would like to know more about MST or details on trainings, please contact Suellen Lembke. Her email is

Upcoming MST trainings

See below the trainings we are running for Multisystemic Therapy.

MST Orientation Training 2-Day Experiential Workshop - July

WhenMonday, 1 July, 8:45am - Tuesday, 2 July, 4:45pm

MST Orientation Training 2-Day Experiential Workshop - October

WhenMonday, 28 October, 8:45am - Tuesday, 29 October, 4:45pm

About the MST Orientation Training

The goals of the training are as follows:

  • to familiarise clinicians with the theoretical, empirical, and clinical paradigms underlying the MST model and help them begin to incorporate those paradigms into their work;

  • to familiarise clinicians with the scope, correlates, and causes of serious behaviour problems addressed by MST;

  • to describe the theoretical and empirical basis for MST;

  • to describe common family, peer, school, individual, and social support assessment, and intervention strategies used in MST;

  • to teach clinicians to conceptualise cases and interventions in terms of the MST principles;

  • to teach clinicians to use the Do-Loop to conceptualise cases and design and implement interventions;

  • to describe strategies MST teams use to build strong, collaborative relationships with stakeholder agencies in the community;

  • to describe the MST clinicians' role in continuous quality improvement;

  • to provide clinicians with opportunities to practice using MST assessment strategies and interventions.

To register for a training:

  • Click on the training you require above.

  • All people registering must be a part of a licensed MST team or organisation. In addition, all registrants must be registered on the MST Institute (MSTI) website and must be pre-approved to attend the training from their MST Consultant/Expert prior to registering.

  • For information on how to become licensed, please contact Suellen Lembke -

  • If you are not an MST registered practitioner but interested in knowing more about MST, we do offer overview sessions. Please contact Suellen Lembke, as above.

Attendance requirements:

  • Waiting lists may be maintained for each training but will be finalised 21 days prior to the first day of experiential classroom training.

Training reservations & cancellations:

  • Trainees cancelling within seven days are subject to a $50 cancellation fee (if materials have not been shipped)

  • As trainees are formally registered, advance preparation material will be shipped directly to the trainee or to the person designated on the registration form. Trainees are expected to read all suggested readings in advance of training. Trainees cancelling after materials have been shipped are subject to a $55 cancellation fee or $155 if shipping includes the MST textbook

  • Due to potential low enrolment, training sites reserve the right to cancel trainings no later than two weeks prior to the training start date. Before making any travel arrangements, confirm your training has not been cancelled by contacting the coordinator listed for your specific event. If a training is cancelled, the training coordinator will assist in finding the next available training.


How do I access the e-learning modules?

You will receive an email notification prompting you to begin. You will be provided with pre-reading material including the MST Blended Learning Orientation Participant Workbook and the MST Case Summary Guide that you will use throughout the training.

How do I pay?

As per contract arrangements. Your organisation will be invoiced at the conclusion of the training.