The Practice governance framework makes explicit our core purpose, values and outcomes At Life Without Barriers we take a structured approach to understanding, measuring and monitoring our practice, so that we can understand its impact on outcomes for people we support.

Practice is the observable skill of a worker purposely engaging, interacting, and forming a relationship with an individual or a group of people within their world, to achieve positive outcomes. Practice is not just the responsibility of individuals - it is owned and embraced by the whole organisation and is a central Board concern.

Practice governance is a systematic approach to supporting and improving quality in practice and to understanding how and when we are achieving client outcomes.

Our Practice Governance Framework is a systematic, consistent whole-of-organisation approach to supporting and improving quality in practice across Life Without Barriers. The Framework assists us to understand whether we are doing what we need to do, with enough consistency and rigour, to bring about positive changes, and where we need to improve. Making our practice explicit and measuring agreed outcomes creates a robust line of sight between practice and client outcomes.


Details of the Practice Governance Framework can be found in these resources

Practice Governance Committee

The Practice Governance Committee provides leadership in the area of Practice Governance.

Our Committee members are:


Cathy Taylor


  • Elizabeth McEntyre

  • Karen Knight

  • Shannon Tobolov

  • Greg Ridder


  • Richard Matthews

  • Annette Michaux

  • Kim Bulkeley


  • Claire Robbs

  • Brad Swan

  • Leanne Johnson

  • Jane French

  • Paula Head

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For enquiries about Practice Governance at Life Without Barriers please contact Melinda Clarke