The Practice governance framework makes explicit our core purpose, values and outcomes that LWB is committed to; why we do, what we do and how we do it.

The framework has been developed to be able to be applied by all staff and carers in LWB no matter what their role. It is equally important for our support staff who keep the organisation running smoothly, as it is our frontline workers.

As a diverse and dynamic organisation implementing a shared practice framework based on evidence and practice experience, builds on the Life Without Barriers values, and aims to support the quality and consistency of practice across our programs. The Pillars identifies listening to our clients, respecting culture and planning with the individual as core to working successfully with people, while supervision, team work and choosing the model that works are core to effectively undertaking our work.

The framework aims to give us a common understanding of the elements of good practice and it will be the platform for the ongoing development of evidence informed practice tools. The suite of practice resources we’re introducing with the Person Centred Practice Approach in our disability program is a good example of this. Our frontline supervisor strategy is another example of how we want to continue to build the skill and capability of our workforce and for staff to feel well equipped to undertake their work.

The release of the Practice governance framework is only the first step. The next critical step is to gather feedback on what the Pillars means for our day to day work. Commencing in November, members of the national practice and quality team will be facilitating focus groups across states and program areas. The aim of the focus groups will be to:

  • Gather staff feedback on the Pillars of Practice and how it can meaningfully support day to day work.

  • Identify champions who want to work as change agents for the next stage of implementation.

  • Inform the development of resources to support work to embed the Pillars throughout Life Without Barriers.