6 November 2017

On the 31st October the innovative #YouthChoices MST Program was launched in Springwood (QLD). The program is based on Multi-systemic Therapy (MST), a family-focused, community based intervention assisting young at-risk people referred by Youth Justice.

MST is a unique evidence-based program recording a high rate of success. MST incorporates an intensive home and community based program and aims to provide parents with the skills and resources to independently address anti-social behaviour and provide young people with skills to navigate demands across family, peers, school and neighbourhoods.

YouthChoices is one of three Social Benefit Bonds (SBB) in QLD and is the first to be launched in QLD. The launch was an exciting event with more than 80 attendees from across government and community. The launch was held in the community based Logan East Community Neighbourhood Hall.

Helena Holdaway (Life Without Barriers State Director, QLD) hosted the event along with the following special guests: Aunty Peggy Tidyman, Elders from the Logan area and the Elders from the Northern Brisbane area, William Ryan, (Assistant Under Treasurer, Qld Treasury), Julie Kinross,( A/Assistant Director-General, Youth Justice), Tony Deegan (Life Without Barriers Board Director) and Brad Swan (Life Without Barriers Executive Director, Strategy and Engagement).

The buzz of conversation and the positive networking and feedback resonating around this community based space indicated the great support and opportunity for collaborative response across all levels of government and community. A great day and achievement for everyone and a positive start for this exciting journey ahead that is YouthChoices MST, QLD.

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