12 September 2022

At Life Without Barriers, our goal is to partner with people to change lives for the better.

We recognise that real solutions to complex social issues require a collective and collaborative response.

The well-being of children is our greatest concern. Ensuring children are well cared for, supported and protected is an absolute, non-negotiable priority.

Our 'We Put Children First' child safety campaign has led to an opportunity to broaden our impact on the out-of-home care sector across Australia.

Drawing on the experience of our We Put Children First commitment to child safety, we will be supporting the promotion and access to the SAFE Series of books developed by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian (NSW OCG) by foster care agencies throughout Australia.*

Image: Four different SAFE book covers. They have cartoon children and text.

The SAFE Series includes four children’s books containing personal safety messages for young children. The books support children’s rights and promote the concept of kids having a voice. They help children identify the parts of their body that are private, help them understand their feelings and encourage them to think about five people they trust to help them if they feel scared, sad or upset.

Out-of-home care (OOHC) agencies who would like to find out more about these books and the support provided by Life Without Barriers to implement can email SAFEbooks@lwb.org.au.

* This project is partly funded by the Perpetual 2022 IMPACT Philanthropy Application Program and will provide free SAFE books and supporting resources to 4,000 children aged 2-10 in OOHC.

Four cartoon kids playing. Words 'SAFE activity Book - part of the SAFE series' down the bottom.

We Put Children First

Our stance on child safety and wellbeing.

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