13 September 2023

Disability community unites in solidarity for the Voice to Parliament.

Life Without Barriers and Cerebral Palsy Alliance follows the leadership of Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA), People with Disability Australia (PwDA), First Peoples Disability Network, Council for Intellectual Disability, VALiD, and the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations in a uniting in solidarity for the Voice to Parliament.

The disability community comprises over 20% of the Australian population and understands barriers to genuine consultation and self-determination.

In a strong show of unity, we are joining together to ensure all people with disability have access to information on the Voice to Parliament as we prepare to vote on 14 October.

The disability community has released a statement affirming our support for a Voice to Parliament, which you can read here.

Image: Five people wearing black t-shirts with 'yes' written in hearts. 'Have your say' is written in the top left corner.

“Our Joint statement shows the strong support that exists for the Voice amongst the disability community and for the right of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to Constitutional recognition and the genuine consultation they need to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the country,” said Claire Robbs, Life Without Barriers Chief Executive.

Spokesperson for the Disability Collective for Voice and CEO of First Peoples Disability Network, Damian Griffis, said the disability community adds a unique perspective to the Voice debate.

“With over four million Australians living with disability, it is incredibly important that voting is accessible." Damian Griffis.

"This means everything from information materials on the Voice to voting facilities.”

Ms Robbs said as a leading disability provider, it is important to unite with the disability community and to support accessible resources for people with disability as they prepare to vote in October.

“Everyone has a right to understand what they are voting for and why – that’s why we are so supportive of the work of First Nations People with Disability to develop an Easy Read interpretation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.”

“The Uluru Statement is the beating heart behind the Voice and why we are heading to the Polls on 14 October.”

Image: The Uluru Statement from the Heart surrounded by signatures and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art work.

“An Accessible version of the Uluru Statement creates an opportunity for Australians with intellectual disability and people with barriers in literacy to understand the invitation from the Statement.

“Despite comprising more than 20% of the Australian population, people with disability don’t always have access to information in formats and ways that work for them.

"We greatly value the leadership of the Disability Representative Organisations we have worked with, and we are now widely sharing the Easy Read of the Uluru Statement across our organisation and with people who choose our services.”

You can access an Easy Read guide of the Uluru Statement from the Heart here.

Promoting accessible resources the referendum

Promoting accessible resources for inclusive voting in Australia

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