19 October 2020

When reunification equals twice the family.

When Nate* entered the care of long-term Life Without Barriers’ carers Peter and Coralie - all three were oblivious to how life-changing their journey together would be.

When 10-year-old Nate arrived at Peter and Coralie’s, he’d already attended 14 different schools and several placements in the space of two years. From experiencing so many disruptions and uncertainties in his young life, Peter and Coralie could see how much it impacted on his overall mental health and wellbeing.

Through their experience of being both parents and carers, Peter and Coralie new how important it was to establish trust, a sense of safety and wellbeing in Nate early. They fostered a loving and nurturing environment for Nate, so he felt welcomed and relaxed in their home.

In identifying this critical need in Nate, Peter and Coralie managed to unstack his emotional brick walls and begin healing his self-esteem.

After a year of being in their care, Nate’s social distrust and sense of wellbeing had been transformed. This change in him can be attributed to Peter and Coralie’s wraparound approach towards Nate; making him feel comfortable enough to let his guard down and start his healing process.

Nate was then reunified with his biological parents. Upon reunification, Nate’s parents could see the positive impact Coralie and Peter had had on rebuilding his sense of trust and self-worth and acknowledged how emotionally attached he was to them too.

A lasting family connection was formed with Nate, his parents and Coralie and Peter - Nate's parents requested that they still be a part of his life post-reunification.

Sadly, Coralie has since passed away, but Peter continues to maintain his promise to stay connected with Nate and his parents (particularly during school holidays) with the help and support of their Life Without Barriers key worker.

*Name changed to protect the children in our care.

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