29 November 2018

It has been a tremendous year for Life Without Barriers and we are delighted to share with you the final edition of ‘We Live Life’ for 2018. This year we’ve supported thousands of people across Australia to achieve their goals and welcomed hundreds of new staff while continuing to maintain the trust of the people who choose our services.

Summer We Live Life

Summer We Live Life

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In this edition of We Live Life we meet three of our care leavers Stacey, Kieren and Chloie and learn about the joys and challenges that come with entering young adulthood after foster care (Beyond Fostering – Meet our Care Leavers, page 6), we also meet Katelyn, who has secured ongoing, meaningful employment thanks to Joblife. Joblife is a joint venture of Life Without Barriers and Angus Knight Group that helps people with disability secure employment by providing the right support. Katelyn now works as a hairdresser in Queensland's Sunshine Coast (A Job for Everybody, page 7).

We also explore our new approach to Foster Care called the MOCKINGBIRD FAMILY™ which brings together 6-10 local foster care families in a ‘constellation’ or community where there is shared support, understanding and social activities. The Brisbane constellation covered in the story is the first of its kind for LWB, and in fact a first for Australia, and is already leading to positive outcomes for carers (Mockingbird Family, page 11). We also meet the winners of our 2018 Employee Recognition Awards (page 8). The stories of courage, innovation and commitment to the needs and goals of the people we support is exemplary and inspiring. We look forward to sharing many more stories with you throughout 2019.

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