18 November 2019

To celebrate the amazing people we partner with, Life Without Barriers has launched Shoutout (shoutout@lwb.org.au), as a way for everyone to share their success stories with the wider community.

Life Without Barriers has the privilege of supporting thousands of people across Australia to live their best life. This means that every day, there are amazing individuals who we support who are achieving new skills and new goals, as well as staff who are demonstrating exemplary support to make this happen. These are the very stories that bring our Life Without Barriers values to life.

That is why Life Without Barriers has launched Shoutout (shoutout@lwb.org.au) – involving a special email address that everyone can send their success stories to, to be shared with the wider Life Without Barriers community.

A Shoutout may be about a person we support who had an amazing experience, or achieved a goal that took months in the making, or a member of staff who demonstrated true imagination to provide excellent support… whatever your story is, we want to hear it!

If your Shoutout is selected, it may be published here on the Life Without Barriers website and on our social media channels. Of course, the people involved will always be asked for consent before publication.

Anyone can send a Shoutout, including staff, people we support, their families and supporters, just by emailing the details to shoutout@lwb.org.au.

Shoutout is about celebrating individual successes as an organisation and championing the amazing people we partner with, as we achieve amazing things together. For more information, email shoutout@lwb.org.au.

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