9 November 2021

“I always put myself in a young person’s shoes and see how things look to them.”

Teenage girl with long brown hair wearing a hoodie and a black beanie leaning against a brick wall.

For Sharon*, being a foster carer has been challenging, but she’s grateful to have made such a difference in the lives of the children she cares for.

Sharon’s journey as a foster carer began when 11-year-old Alana* joined her family. Now aged 18, Alana continues to live with Sharon as a member of her family.

“A while ago, I was approached to see if I would welcome another child. We talked about it and Alana said, ‘well you gave me a place to live, I think it’s only fair that you offer somebody else a home too, if you can'.”

That’s how Jackson*, now 14 years old, came to live with Sharon. She says that building positive relationships is a vital ingredient to the carer-child dynamic.

“I always put myself in a young person’s shoes and see how things look to them.”

“Instead of focusing on when they do something negative, we’ll look for positive things. When kids hear a ‘well done’, you can see their self-worth climb.”

Sharon says that one of the most rewarding parts of being a foster carer is seeing first-hand the changes that happen for children when they have a nurturing and stable home environment.

“Jackson has made such a turnaround."

"He was getting suspended, and then we got him into a great high school, where he’s in a supported learning unit. Now he’s just powering through there, and they love him.”

“I’ve also seen Alana grow from someone who was a scared, tiny and shy little girl into a young woman who’s really got a voice now”.

*Names changed to protect the people we support.

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