12 July 2022

'Racism. It Stops With Me' is a national campaign urging Australians to reflect on racism and to take action against it.

A woman wearing a hijab and a man wearing a white shirt are smiling at each other.

Life Without Barriers is proud to be a supporter of the 'Racism. It Stops With Me' campaign. 

Racism is more than just harmful words or individual actions. It includes biases in our society, its laws, institutions and ways of thinking.

Racism exists and causes harm to many people in Australia, preventing them from accessing equal opportunities and outcomes. In the workplace, racism continues to undermine cultural diversity and inclusion. In our parliaments and boardrooms, it shapes the conversation and directly impacts decisions and policies that govern our society.

Racial inequality affects all of us, whether directly or otherwise, and there is a role for all of us to play in addressing it.

This week the Racism. It Stops With Me campaign has relaunched, encouraging those who do not have a lived experience of racism to reflect on themselves and the social structures around them.

The campaign encourages us to consider racial biases in our society, its laws, institutions, and ways of thinking. 

By taking a stand against racism, we can build a fair and equal society – for all.

Life Without Barriers is committed to learning more and taking action. No matter how challenging the conversation, we need to talk about racism and the causes of inequality.

Claire Robbs, Life Without Barriers Chief Executive, said, "Structural racism is one of the most damaging, pervasive forms of racism. It often goes unrecognised, unreported and unaddressed in thousands of workplaces across Australia."

"Life Without Barriers is a better organisation because of the diversity of our people. We must all create workplaces that allow people to thrive, feel safe and be free from racism."

We encourage you to join us and commit to learning and taking action within your sphere of influence to create meaningful change and make a difference in eliminating racism. 

Visit the Australian Human Rights Commission website to access a number of tools and support resources that individuals and workplaces can use to address racism in the workplace. 

Conversation guide

The Racism. It Stops With Me campaign asks Australians to reflect on their relationship to race and the role of racism in shaping Australian society. The campaign film may also be a useful tool for starting conversations about racism.

The Conversation Guide provides some key considerations when discussing the campaign and the issues it touches on. You can download the Conversation Guide here.

Diversity and inclusion at Life Without Barriers

At Life Without Barriers, we celebrate diversity, and we practice inclusion.

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