24 August 2021

Not Super, Just Human: How '#WeThe15' Hopes to Change the Conversation Around Disability

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One in five Australians has a disability, yet only half of those of working age have secured employment. Our purpose at Life Without Barriers is to partner with people and change lives for the better. Employing more people with a disability, and also partnering with other organisations to make that employment path easier, is a core commitment of ours.

Life Without Barriers is proud to lend its voice to the WeThe15 human rights movement.

WeThe15 aims to transform the lives of the world’s 1.2 billion people with disabilities who represent 15% of the global population.

“Life Without Barriers is committed to creating change for people with disability, by people with disability,” said Emily Reaper, Co-Chair of the Disability Accessibility Wellbeing Network (DAWN) Committee at Life Without Barriers.

“DAWN does this by working collaboratively with the organisation to ensure employees with disability are supported in their employment. #WeThe15 exemplifies those actions and the direction Life Without Barriers would like to see organisations both in and out of our sector taking.”

Life Without Barriers supports #WeThe15, we will continue to focus on creating employment opportunities that are truly inclusive - we openly share our journey with others through Employment Without Barriers.

Our Accessibility, Inclusion and Employment Plan (2019 – 2022) ensures we continue to create inclusion and opportunity for people living with disability. As part of our Strategy 2025, we recently established an Employment Strategy Governance Group. This group aims to influence systemic barriers and improve employment opportunities for people with disability.

Life Without Barriers is also one of only 18 organisations to hold Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) status. Administered by the Australian Network on Disability (AND), we were first awarded DCR status in 2019 and reaffirmed our commitment to providing a barrier-free and inclusive recruitment process for people with disability through the renewal of our DCR status in 2020.

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