14 August 2020

Two siblings in care, who were unable to see their family due to restrictions and social distancing, were worried that they would not be able to see their mother for her birthday.

It’s hard for everyone during a pandemic, but for these children, the need to connect on this significant day was very important.

With encouragement and support from their carer, the sisters made some craft gifts and a birthday card to give to Mum. Because they were not able to be there, the girls created a video message that was sent to the case manager. It showed them singing happy birthday and explaining to their mum what they made and how they made it. It was a show and tell from the heart, and made the world of difference to the girls, and their mum. The gifts were dropped off at the Child Safety Office for their mum to pick up.

This happened a few months ago but has become an ongoing additional (Zoom electronic family access) interaction and connection that the girls have with their parents. This became the new normal for the girls during the age of COVID-19.

The outcome was positive as it made mum’s day, now there is a regular exchange where the parents reciprocate similar things for the girls which bolster the limited contact they could have.

The CARE Principal of ‘Family Involved’ in the period of COVID-19, has informed us in how to create new ways to maintain connection.

Another carer, who cares for a sibling group of two (one pre-school and the other primary school age), helped the children to acknowledge the first birthday of their other sibling, who lives with their biological parents.

The two siblings could not visit their parents’ home due to COVID-19. It was also not possible for them to connect virtually, so their carer wanted to do something for them. Instead, they baked a cake and celebrated their siblings’ birthday together.

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