2 November 2022

Jacintha and Eddie - foster carers with us since 2009. We thought we’d check in!

Eddie’s parents in the UK fostered 150 children from 1981 to 2018, and they received an MBE for Services to Children and the Community in 2012. So, it was natural for Jacintha and Eddie to follow in their footsteps when they moved to Australia.

Image: Eddie’s parents in the UK, Doreen, and Jim each receiving an MBE for Services to Children and The Community in 2012.

The couple has a 28-year-old son and have cared for a group of four siblings since 2009. Two of the four are now over 18 but have chosen to remain in the family home.

Jacintha and Eddie strongly believe that to help a young person to reach their full potential, they need to be supported through the pressures of their Higher School Certificate and beyond. The couple will continue to offer the children a home for as long as they want.

Since we last spoke, Jacintha has chosen to contribute even further as a National Carer Ambassador for Life Without Barriers. She attends sector events and online information sessions and is on the other end of the phone to talk through any concerns potential carers have.

As far as Jacintha is concerned, there are no silly questions.

“I’m passionate about recruiting enthusiastic carers but also keeping the good ones we already have,” Jacintha said.

“It needs to be a long relationship to enable security for the children and placement stability.

“I find in my role as ambassador that there are a lot of myths around fostering, which I am happy to dispel.

“I hear a lot of ‘I wouldn’t be strong enough to give them back’ but I ask them to consider our role.

“Our role is to care for them until they can be returned to their family if it’s safe to do so."

"And to consider the safe, supportive environment you can offer while a family goes through a troubled time.

“What can be more worthwhile than that?”

Jacintha and Eddie standing in their home.

Jacintha is also passionate about the importance of networking for carers. To reach out for help when you need it, as she said: There are no silly questions.

“I encourage carers to connect with their case managers and ask them how they can be in touch with other carers,” Jacintha shared.

“There’s also the Caring Space portal to find out about events, resources, and training available. As well as the private Caring Days Facebook group, which I always try and post relevant information and upcoming events.

“If I can say anything to my fellow carers, it is; please don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s not failure; it’s undoubtedly something one of us has gone through before, so please just ask.”

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