29 March 2022

Celebrating TDOV with some very special guests.

Gail and Lisette standing in front of rainbow streamers. Both are wearing glasses and have long hair.

Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an annual celebration of trans pride and awareness, recognising trans and gender diverse experiences and achievements.

Held on 31 March, TDOV is about celebrating with trans and gender diverse people by sharing stories, starting conversations, and attending events.

This year, Life Without Barriers internal LGBTQIA+ community ‘Pride Without Barriers’ has organised two special guests to speak to us. Lisette Claremont Goulet and Gail Claremont Goulet are joining us on Friday as part of Diversity and Inclusion week and for TDOV.

Who are Gail and Lisette?

Lisette is a transgender woman and works as an educator to provide training and support to organisations and sporting and social clubs.

Gail is a transgender woman and suicide survivor and is an LGBTQIA+ advocate and activist. In 2017, Gail and Lisette formed the TLLPC (Transgender Lipstick Lesbian Power Couple), an advocacy organisation promoting diversity, equality, visibility, and inclusion.

Visibility is the first step towards inclusion and diversity.

Lisette and Gail married in 2021. The story of their love and transition is currently being made into a film. It begins with their engagement and follows them through surgery, recovery, bureaucratic struggles with the government, to their marriage.

Image: Trans rights march. There is a person holding a sign that says 'Trans rights are human rights'.

What is trans?

Trans and gender diverse describes people whose gender differs from what was presumed for them at birth (sometimes referred to as “assigned at birth”).

It may sound complex, but really it’s that simple.

There is no one correct way to be trans: it is an umbrella term that covers a large range of genders such as being non-binary, genderqueer, a Sistergirl or Brotherboy, genderfluid, having a binary gender, and more. Make sure you head to our Trans Mob page to learn more about the First Nations trans experience!

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