At Life Without Barriers, our LGBTQIA+ inclusion journey came from humble beginnings as one of the first organisations to offer same-gender couples the opportunity to become foster carers. We recognise and respect all the ways relationships and families are found and formed and continue to actively seek people to join our growing network of LGBTQIA+ carers.

Creating an LGBTQIA+ inclusive workplace

Life Without Barriers welcomes all those of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex characteristics to join our organisation and supports all LGBTQIA+ employees to bring their whole selves to work.

The number of employees sharing with us that they identify as LGBTQIA+ increased from 6% in 2018 (Employee Engagement Survey), to 15.5% in 2021 (Diversity & Inclusion Survey).

Life Without Barriers - Pride Without Barriers

Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI)

Life Without Barriers has participated in the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI) for the past four years. Our score has increased each year from 18/200 in 2018, 54/200 in 2019, 74/200 in 2020, to 102/200 in 2021. This year we achieved Bronze Employer Recognition for the first time.

“The achievement of Bronze Employer Recognition has been four years in the making. It's inspiring to be one of 186 Australian organisations participating in the AWEI and working toward LGBTQIA+ workplace inclusion. It's a testament to the power of business in influencing not only organisational culture but broader community attitudes.”
Ashleigh Sternes, Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Australian Workplace Equality Index

Pride Without Barriers

In February 2021 we launched our second employee network Pride Without Barriers. Pride Without Barriers serves as a network and resource for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies.

Meet our LGBTQIA+ foster carers

Jo and Kaz are both short- and long-term foster carers with Life Without Barriers. Read more stories from our LGBTQIA+ foster carers.

Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade


Our LGBTQIA+ inclusion journey


  • Celebrated Bronze Employer Recognition in the AWEI
  • Launched our second employee network, Pride Without Barriers.
  • Updated the Life Without Barriers email signatures to give employees the option to share their personal pronouns
  • Celebrated International Day Against LGBTQIA+ Discrimination (IDAHOBIT) by releasing a collection of pride-themed virtual backgrounds in the colours of the pride, trans, bisexual, and intersex pride flags.
  • Participated in Brisbane Pride
  • Shared our support for Pride Adelaide



  • Participated in Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for the second time
  • Shortlisted for the Mardi Gras Awards Most Fabulous Parade Entry
  • Introduced Gender Affirmation Leave to support trans and gender diverse employees affirming their gender
  • Became members of ACON’s Welcome Here Project
  • Received our second nomination for the LGBTI Awards


  • Participated in our first AWEI
  • Nominated for our first LGBTI Award
  • Reviewed and updated our HR policies and procedures for inclusive language



  • Began recruiting LGBTQIA+ foster carers