6 August 2021

We extend a heartfelt thanks to our Aged Care team members, without whom we would not be able to make a real difference. Thank You!

Image: Older couple cuddling.

We first met Claire* and Ivan* when they came to the South Australian Aged Care Team at Life Without Barriers in the middle of 2020.

Married for 45 years, they had lived in their Housing SA home for 36 years! Their circumstances are quite unique – Claire, an HCP client, cares for Ivan and he, a CHSP client, cares for Claire!

An extremely close couple and heavily reliant on each other, they are their own support network and had no outside interaction with family or friends. Although they loved their bubble, this left them socially isolated. At the time we met them, their social vulnerability was evident.

Claire lives with an intellectual disability and physical limitations which inhibits her mobilisation and meant she didn't leave the house. Ivan lives with anxiety, depression and is afraid of strangers. He struggles with unfamiliar environments, crowds, meeting new people and even communicating via the telephone. Ivan’s social anxiety has had an enormous impact on his and Claire’s social freedoms.

When they came to Life Without Barriers they were slowly introduced to their Care Manager and to their Support Workers. Claire and Ivan were supported by a small, dedicated team from Life Without Barriers who first and foremost, intimately understood their care needs.

Recently, Housing SA advised that they would be moving Claire and Ivan out of their home of 36 years and relocating them elsewhere. Relocation to an unfamiliar house and surrounds has proven a real challenge for both Claire and Ivan and the Life Without Barriers Aged Care team.

Life Without Barriers Care Manager Leanne and Support Workers Fiona, Tina and Natalie were instrumental in transitioning Claire and Ivan to their new home by liaising with Housing SA, assisting with relocation, and familiarisation of their surroundings.

The Life Without Barriers Aged Care team has worked incredibly hard to increase Claire and Ivan’s socialisation opportunities by orientating them around their local area, assisting Claire with her mobility issues so she can leave the home, and helping Ivan with introductions to people and places.

What was initially perceived as a daunting challenge has become a positive enhancement to their lives and they are now enjoying new freedoms, responsibilities and experiences every day!

On Saturday 7th August we celebrate Aged Care Employee Day and extend heartfelt thanks to our many Aged Care team members, without whom we would not be able to make a real difference. Thank You!

*We have changed the same to protect the people in our care.

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