13 March 2024

Celebrating the special moments in life.

Image: Staff and day centre members gathered around tables at Capalaba Senior Day Centre for a friendships celebration.

The folks at Life Without Barriers' Senior Day Centre in Capalaba, Queensland, enjoy coming together and take up any opportunity to have some fun. Special occasions are celebrated throughout the year, and most recently, the day centre community got together to celebrate St Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day.

On St Patrick’s Day, the centre was awash with green decorations and all things related to the Emerald Isle. Decked in four-leaf clovers and leprechaun hats, party-goers enjoyed a deliciously hearty Irish stew, followed by a desert of green jelly and ice cream.

Image: Staff and day centre members wearing green hats, gathered around tables at the day centre.

The day kicked on with discussions of Irish History and St Patrick’s Day themed trivia, jokes and Bingo.

Image: A woman wearing a long dress and a green hat. Behind her is a wall with St Patrick's Day decorations.

A few weeks earlier, the participants celebrated their friendships on Valentine's Day. The day centre was covered with lovely decorations, a beautiful High Tea was served, and everyone had fun with a game of bingo. The dessert of homemade raspberry pannacotta was a highlight of the day.

Image: Two photos side by side, one of a pannacotta dessert, the other of a bingo sheet.

“Many of us do not have partners to share things like Valentine’s Day with anymore, so celebrating love among friends is very special,” said Mary, who visits the day centre.

The day's success was thanks to the participation of the attendees who collaborated with staff to celebrate the event - decorating, helping with the food and assisting with activities throughout the day.

Image: Capalaba Senior Day Centre decorated with hearts and other pink items for a friendship celebration.

This particular centre has been running in Queensland for just over ten years and plays a crucial role in bringing together members of the community. Visitors love coming together, and each visit starts with morning tea and a catch-up session.

“I look forward to coming here. Without this centre, I don’t know where I’ll be.” Tom, shared.

Linda Zammit, Coordinator at the day centre, said that each month is packed with a programme full of activities.

“As well as special days of the year events, we also have frequent barbeques and outings, and we invite speakers from the community to share stories and information. People’s birthdays are also always important, and these are celebrated with a special cake," said Linda.

"I am privileged to be part of this wonderful, friendly group who are so appreciative of what we do.”

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