16 December 2020

Lindy is a single specialist carer based on the mighty Murray River in South Australia.

Image: Family in canoes on the Murray River. Photo by Boen Ferguson.

Since welcoming ten-year-old Abbey* into her home 18 months ago, their relationship has slowly blossomed into something very special.

When Abbey first came into Lindy’s care, rapid mood shifts were a feature of Abbey’s ways of coping. Knowing quality interactions with family members, caregivers and the broader community is key to children and young people’s well-being, Lindy worked hard to help Abbey establish positive relationships within her and Abbey’s family - and the broader community.

A great thing about living in the country is the closeness of community connections. Abbey has since established many positive and long-lasting relationships with Lindy’s mother and her grown children, as well as at her new school. Lindy has embraced the opportunity to maintain a strong connection with Abbey’s family via regular phone calls, letters and Facetime.

Since becoming a Life Without Barriers carer, Lindy has now realised many benefits from having Abbey in her care.

“Being a carer is the most rewarding thing I have ever done,” she said.

“The training and on-boarding process to become a carer is extensive, but when you see how that small investment can make such a big difference in a young person’s life, like Abbey’s, it is incredible.”

Lindy and Abbey have become an amazing team now. A team that has become three after recently adopting a now very loved and maybe a little spoilt puppy.

With mood swings becoming a thing of the past, Abbey now leads a very busy life juggling school, dance, walking her dog, arts and craft projects.

*Names changed to protect the children in care.

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