2 March 2022

Tassie kids need Foster Carers!

Image: From the left; Mitch Langley, Georgie Todman and Lyndon Riggall.

Life Without Barriers foster Carers Lyndon Riggall, Georgie Todman, and Mitch Langley, are about to embark on a series of marathon events to encourage people to understand the need for Foster Carers in Launceston, Tasmania as well as to highlight the benefits of exercise for children and young adult’s mental health.

Lyndon and Georgie are both high school teachers and have opened up their lives to caring for children needing out-of-home care.

“Becoming a Foster Carer took me by surprise! I had become good friends with Mitchell and Georgie and had met a young person from their previous placement, but when they began caring for another child, I followed the journey with them much more closely.

"I enjoyed my involvement so much and how in awe I was of the work they did, they encouraged me to take the extra step and become a Carer myself,” says Lyndon.

“I have always believed that a huge part of working with young people is modelling the way you hope for them to live. I am also really lucky that my involvement with Mitch and Georgie as close friends has led to us developing lots of shared interests and ambitions alongside our value to each other as carers and friends. I'm really proud of what these races represent, which is the desire to see ourselves performing above and beyond what we once thought possible.”

Georgie says the benefits of participating in sports and exercise are infinite.

“When Covid first hit, many of our other hobbies such as theatre were put on hold, so we were looking to branch out and try new things. We acknowledge health and wellbeing are so important - and while we had always promoted health and exercise with all the young people in our lives, we weren't regularly participating. We first decided to do some hiking and see our beautiful state (as we also couldn't travel) and then Mitchell was the first to suggest running.

“A group of us started to attend the Launceston Park Run and it was such a great community and spirit, we became regulars."

"We encouraged our current foster young person to come along to some events and they ran an incredible Half Marathon time! Taking care of your health and wellbeing as a Foster Carer, parent and young adult is vitally important. We have also had some great family moments with these new pursuits such as wearing matching glow in the dark masks at the Devonport Glow Run.” Georgie says if you are considering becoming a Foster Carer, just reach out and make a call.

“There is such a great need in Tasmania based on how many times we are often called to take an additional placement. Our friends and family have welcomed new additions to our family with the young people in our care over the years.

"We want to spread the word that if this is something you have been thinking of - whether you are single, young, older, child free or have an established family - it is a remarkable opportunity for everyone involved.”

Become a foster carer

If you’d like to open your heart and home to a child in need, learn more about becoming a foster carer

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