Our way forward

To further the organisation’s accountability Life Without Barriers created a Reconciliation Team and portfolio that has been in place since 2014.

Led by Aboriginal people the Reconciliation team now leads our Reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives. Our dedicated Aboriginal leaders are crucial to our success in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia and driving our Reconciliation agenda. To further the accountability of Life Without Barriers, we have established a refreshed Reconciliation team and portfolio in 2014.

Through combining roles from across Life Without Barriers, creating a new agenda and increasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decision-making capacity the Reconciliation team is strengthening the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Life Without Barriers and the community.

This portfolio is a reminder that we are strongly committed to continuing our reconciliation journey and making a real difference in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

While we are working tirelessly to bring about change in the community, we also want to build on what has been achieved to date and introduce new and innovative strategies, practices and programs that positively impact on children and young people in our care and their families as well as those adults who we support. This new era is a reminder of our respect, acknowledgement and celebration of the First Australians – our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our support for reconciliation every day

On a daily basis we honour activities that strengthen our support for reconciliation across Australia.

From our warriors in the Frontier Wars to our warriors who have served with honour and pride in Australia’s military conflicts and engagements across the globe. We proudly highlight and recognise the role they have played in shaping our identity and pause to reflect on their sacrifice. We celebrate and honour their priceless contribution to our nation.

At Life Without Barriers, we celebrate and recognise a number of significant reconciliation events which includes NAIDOC Week. These events and dates reminds us of the great contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make to our organisation every day. Our celebration for NAIDOC Week, every year, is a reminder that reconciliation itself has become a part of the fabric of our organisation’s everyday thinking and consensus to achieve the many meaningful outcomes to respond to the voices of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – our colleagues, employees, carers and our clients.