4 December 2023

Information for young people about safe and respectful relationships.

Image: Three teenagers sitting on a bed looking at the camera or each other.

The Stride team at Life Without Barriers have released a series of YouTube videos for young people called 'The Sexual Safety Series'. The series explores how to stay safe in real life and online, and contains important messages for young people that can help to prevent sexual abuse and sexual assault.

To launch the series, Life Without Barriers hosted a webinar with a panel of experts to explore sexual safety and abuse prevention for young people. The panel included: Amanda Paton - Deputy Director, Practice Australian Centre for Child Protection, University of South Australia; Mark Robertson - CEO, One Vision Productions; Ruben Sherriff - NAPCAN Youth Speak Out; and Melinda Clarke - Manager Child Safe Organisation at Life Without Barriers.

“We’re seeing more violent sexual activity within young relationships,“ Amanda Paton said.

The webinar was the first in 'The Stride Series: Making Good Trouble', which explores innovative policy and practice solutions to contemporary challenges faced by the community services sector and the people we support. We highlight issues that may be entrenched, thorny or contentious, and discuss how we can think and act creatively and courageously to make change.

“Education is such a powerful preventative tool, and we can see that in these videos,” Ruben Sherriff said.

As for the six-part series, you can watch the videos now! Click each video below or head to the 'The sexual safety series' playlist on YouTube for the webinar and to save the videos for later.

Respectful intimate relationships

Knowing what respect in relationships looks and feels like.


Understanding the importance of consent – it’s freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific!

Sexual abuse and sexual assault

Know what it is, and what you can do if it happens to you.

Intimate images

All about sending and receiving intimate images – there’s a lot to think about!

Sexual exploitation

Expecting sex in exchange for something – yes, it happens.

About porn

It can seem exciting, but it’s important to understand that it’s not real sex.

The videos are a great resource and can be used in group settings or with individual young people to help kick-start conversations about safety in relationships and online.

Who are Stride?

Stride is the strategic, innovation, design and evaluation team within Life Without Barriers, with the primary goal to improve the experiences and outcomes for children, young people and families.

The Stride team have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Child, Youth, and Family Services. Their evidence-based approaches, programs, and training empower agencies to provide better services to children and families.

Our team also collaborates with universities and researchers to develop innovative solutions for the challenges facing our communities. Together, we can create a better future for the next generation. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about Stride here.


Strategic, innovation, design and evaluation team within Life Without Barriers

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