30 November 2020

Keeping in line with this years International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPwD) Allan highlights the ability in disability.

Image: Allan sitting in his home wearing a blue t-shirt. There is brick wall behind him

Living with disability doesn’t define Allan or what he can or can’t do. Instead, it inspires him to help others and guides his natural ambition to succeed in life and at work.  

Allan Bunyan, a NDIS disability support coordinator at Life Without Barriers, is a passionate disability advocate and proud person living with disability.

For Allan, a big selling point for working at Life Without Barriers is the value and empathy from his lived experience that he can bring to his work. One way is by ensuring his clients’ right to choose their NDIS supports is respected. 

“I get a lot of personal fulfilment from creating opportunity and positive change in their lives.”

Image: Allan wearing a checked shirt

“A benefit of working for Life Without Barriers is the supportive workplace culture it offers; the staff are true to the shared organisational values and my manager has always been more than willing to supply any workplace adjustments I need”.

Keeping in line with this years International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPwD) Allan’s advice to employers considering hiring someone with disability is simple:

“See the ability that comes with the disability, not the misconception of limitation. What you see is not always what you get”. 

Read our Position Paper through the link below to learn more about the barriers people with disability face and what Life Without Barriers is doing to create an inclusive and accessible workplace via Employment Without Barriers.

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