31 March 2022

$10K raised for sick children, thanks to a purple stroke of genius

A woman wearing a mask and blue shirt is shaving the head of another woman who is smiling and sitting in a 'World's Greatest Shave' smock.

Most of us struggle to raise $10 for charity, so how did Jeremy from Western Sydney raise a whopping $10,273.30 for the World’s Greatest Shave this year?

Jeremy lives in Supported Independent Living (SIL) and is supported with his goals by our team at Life Without Barriers

“I want to help rid the world of leukaemia and give kids a chance at living a full and happy life,” said Jeremy.

Jeremy paid $80 of his own money to get his hair professionally dyed purple, so “if anyone asked me about it, I could tell them about the fundraising.”

Not simply waiting to be asked, Jeremy made sure he engaged everyone in his local community – at his local coffee shop, the supermarket and gym, and anywhere he went.

“Jeremy is a caring, sharing kind of guy – and very generous. He’s someone who will spontaneously make lunch for everyone at home, for example,” said Rick Clancy, Jeremy's Team Leader from Nepean Blue Mountains.

Jeremy smiling at the camera with purple hair.

This is the fourth year Jeremy has raised money for the Word’s Greatest Shave. Jeremey mobilised the Life Without Barriers team to assist him by managing the administration and technical side of fundraising.

“We help Jeremey keep records and keep track online – he’s very good with noting who has contributed. This year he had reached about $300 which is still amazing. Then one morning, we saw a $10,000 donation was made,” said Rick.

Rick made some enquiries to make sure the donation was genuine. It turns out Jeremy’s stroke of purple inspiration made the right impression. The mystery donor was someone at Jeremy’s gym who held events that raised money for good causes. Jeremy’s vibrant locks caught the donor’s attention, and touched by Jeremy’s enthusiasm and passion, he donated the funds to Jeremy’s cause.

Rick said, “Jeremy has shown us what can be achieved when you are determined – and that we all have the power to make a difference.”

What advice does Jeremy have for anyone thinking of raising funds to help others?

“Do it. It’s fun to help other people!”

For more information about the World's Greatest Shave click here.

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