15 October 2021

Rosslyn loves being independent, she also loves a helping hand when needed.

older women wearing a striped shirt reading a brown book.

In her working days, Rosslyn was in charge of the commercial kitchen at NAB for sixteen years, looking after a staff of fifteen and enjoying a busy and independent life. Now in her late seventies, Rosslyn still values her independence, including the opportunity to live in her own home with support from Life Without Barriers.

A Home Care Package, provided by Life Without Barriers, enables Rosslyn to continue taking charge of the way she chooses to live, with weekly help in the home with things like cleaning, hanging out the washing and taking her shopping.

“I am really pleased with the service Life Without Barriers provides. Kasiah, one of my carers, really cares about what she does,” says Rosslyn.

"And of course I like the company for having a coffee and chat now and again!"

Rosslyn is also a big reader and likes being taken to the library.

“I like crime books, not romance. No romance in my life anymore,” she chuckles.

When she was younger, Rosslyn was in a car accident which left her unable to walk for 2 years. A walker, which was provided through her Home Care Package, is now essential for Rosslyn to get about.

“It’s amazing what I can do with my walker,” says Rosslyn. “They are handy for hanging the shopping bags on!”

With the help she gets, Rosslyn hopes to continue living independently for some time yet.

“I am not the type to go into a nursing home.”

At Life Without Barriers, we aim to support Rosslyn's continued independence - and her quest to find the next great crime novel.

older woman standing outside wearing a striped shirt and purple coat

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