18 June 2019

This week is Refugee Week – an important time to pause and reflect on the valuable contributions made by refugees to Australian society. 

Refugees are survivors. They have survived because of their courage, ingenuity and creativity. Every refugee seeking asylum brings their own story of where they left home, their journey and finding safety in Australia.  The sharing of stories is an opportunity to not only remember and honour their journey but also to educate the Australian community to better understand the courage and contribution that refugees make.

Image: The theme for Refugee Week 2019 is ‘Share a meal, share a story'.

Our National Immigration Support Services (NISS) staff are getting behind the 2019 theme, ‘Share a meal, share a story’, by bringing together members of the community to enjoy food from different cultures and acknowledge each person’s journey.

Our ongoing work

Life Without Barriers is passionate about helping refugees and asylum seekers gain access to vital services such as housing, employment, medical, legal services, while their immigration status is resolved. For more information about NISS, watch this video below:


  • Australia has welcomed more than 900,000 refugees since 1947.

  • In the past year Australia has resettled or permanently protected 18,750 refugees.

  • Last year Life Without Barriers supported 4,858 refugees and asylum seekers in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

Providing vital support for new Australians

Find out more about how we support refugees and asylum seekers who are living in the Australian community.

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