9 November 2021

Our Aged Care services can support you to maintain your freedom and independence at home.

Ray and Maureen standing outside in their garden. Ray is wearing a dark blue tshirt and Maureen is wearing a white and blue striped tshirt.

For many people, the concept of needing supports as they get older is difficult to grapple with.

Life Without Barriers’ in-home supports for older people seeks to challenge that thinking and offer services that respect how people want to use services to sustain their independence and make choices.

This year, we welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of an additional 23,000 home care packages.

Ray and Maureen receive a home care package funded by the Federal Government and provided by Life Without Barriers.

“Life Without Barriers has been absolutely fantastic. Nothing has been too much trouble,” says Ray.

“We have a weekly cleaner and have also had a number of helpful modifications made to our house, including the installation of safety handrails and making our bathroom more accessible.”

As well as the cleaning, Ray and Maureen also benefit from the regular support they get with things like getting lifts to the shops. Enjoying walks, spending time with friends and feeling supported in a way they choose has been so important for Ray and Maureen.

“We would be lost without you,” says Ray, about the support he receives from Life Without Barriers.

Aged Care Services

Our services can support you to maintain your freedom and independence at home.

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