15 July 2022

During his internship with Life Without Barriers, Patrick put his videography skills to work, capturing the Young People's Employment Pathways participants in action.

Patrick is wearing blue pants and an orange t-shirt. He stands outdoors in a park holding a camera and taking a photo of himself.

Up-and-coming social media content creator and Young People’s Employment Pathways (YPEP) participant, Patrick Foster, recently completed an internship with Life Without Barriers’ Marketing and Digital Content Team. Here is Patrick’s experience in his own words.

I am passionate about social media and I really want to be a social media content creator. My YPEP coach, Eduardo, thought it would be cool if we could tee up work experience in this space.

We wrote an Expression of Interest and submitted it to the Marketing and Digital Content Team at Life Without Barriers.

I thought they could use someone with a fresh mindset, so I suggested that I make some videos for them.

I worked with Jacintha the Digital Content Lead and Trelawney the Social Media and Digital Communications Officer, and together, we came up with the Feel Good Friday video series. This entailed me going out into the world and interviewing other people in YPEP. I submitted four videos, including one about me.

The first video was about Alex, a talented drummer who had just performed at the Hunter Disability Expo.

We put this video out on a Friday, and 24 hours later, it had 950 views and counting. This was my first interview. I don’t really like sit-down interviews – I prefer a walk-and-talk interview.

I based this video on Adele’s ‘Easy on Me’ film clip – how the black and white changes into colour.

Eduardo and I went to two rehearsals and got access to the stage to film this video.

Alex is playing drums on the stage in front of a crowd. Patrick stands next to him holding a camera.

I shot it on a Sony ZV-1, a graduation present from Mum for passing TAFE. I did a Diploma in Screen and Media at Hunter TAFE and did my Certification III and IV. This is the kind of camera a lot of big YouTubers use.

The second video was of Jesse, who has been working at the Tuncurry Waste Management Centre. In the video, I interviewed Jesse and his supervisor Tracey.

The third video was of Bradley, who has been gardening and looking after the chickens at the Doyalson Community Garden.

Bradley and Eduardo stand inside a chicken coop. Bradley is bent over pouring feed into the feeder.

In the video, I interview Bradley’s father, Geoff and his supervisor Julie.

Life Without Barriers gave me a laptop to download the files, and the Social Team helped me edit the videos for the different platforms; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

On my personal computer, I have Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve for video editing.

Before I did this work experience placement, I was working as a cashier in a supermarket, and I didn’t enjoy it.

My dream is to either make YouTube videos or become a Social Media Manager for one of my favourite sporting teams – the F1 McLaren Team, the Sydney Swans, Newcastle Jets, Leeds United, Roosters, Knights, Socceroos, Manchester City or the Matildas.

Eduardo, School Leaver Employment Support Coach, supported Patrick during his internship and reflected on the progress Patrick has made.

"Patrick has grown professionally and personally during this work experience. I saw him happy, engaged and looking forward to the next day - even though it was an early start. That said a lot about how much he enjoyed himself during the process.

"He now wants to get a job in this area, which is also an indication of opening up on his interests." "

I am sure whatever comes next for him will be a great hit!" said Eduardo.

Patrick is open to any social media and content creation roles that can help him to pursue his dreams. We think he is perfect at videography! Patrick has a real eye for capturing content from lots of different angles and perspectives. If you need Patrick's help with video content creation, please reach out to Eduardo via email: Eduardo.andrade@lwb.org.au.

You can follow Patrick on social media, follow him @fuzzy_foster22 on Instagram or Panda Vlogs on YouTube.

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