11 December 2019

The Life Without Barriers WA team gathered together, with an overwhelming sense of community to proudly celebrate the LGBTQI community in Western Australia.

Our Perth team had a fabulous time at Perth Pride Parade on Saturday. The parade is part of PrideFEST which celebrates the LGBTQI community in Western Australia and ran from 2- 30 November. With this year’s theme being "Reflect; love, heroes, community & identity" Life Without Barriers staff members, families, carers and clients from Ngatti House shared their support through the enthusiasm and excitement shown throughout the whole march.

Image: The team dressed and ready to march

Our Perth team danced up the street to a fabulous playlist curated by one of our young clients, behind an LWB-branded "Raptor" ute, lent to us generously by Lynford Motors Osborne Park. Life Without Barriers is committed to the inclusion of all members of the LGBTQI community as our foundational values are to stand up for what we believe in, welcome diversity and to build relationships. The colourful parade was filled with love, laughs and excitement making it an unforgettable day.

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