18 February 2022

Chad’s Tuesday Workshop.

Chad, Lleyton and Jayden with their wood work projects.

Every Tuesday morning on the beautiful Norfolk Island, Chad Pettet, Disability Support Worker for Life Without Barriers, opens the Norfolk Island Men’s Shed (NIMS) to conduct a special workshop. Here, he teaches people with disability how to wood work.

He has two regular clients, Lleyton and Jayden, both members of NIMS for the past 12 months, who have taken full advantage of this amazing initiative and all its wonderful resources.

What started as once a week, to do some small painting jobs for the local community, has turned into a more frequent activity. Now, Lleyton and Jayden attend twice a week and connect with other NIMS members. Under Chad's careful watch Lleyton and Jayden undertake wood work projects including making beautiful stools!

Lleyton and Jayden have learned how to safely use power tools and enjoy turning basic slabs of Norfolk Pine into amazing finished product. In-between projects, they enjoy the space provided and play card games and darts.

Chad is so proud to see Lleyton and Jayden increase their wood knowledge, fine tune their motor skills and, most importantly, connecting with other 'shedders' in the community.

He especially has been grateful for the assistance provided by Brian Purss who provided the planning and tuition for Lleyton and Jayden.

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