31 October 2022

Housing tailored to meet individual needs.

Image: Pictured left to right: Mark, Baz (Life Without Barriers), Aida, two helpful firefighters, Sofie and Connor.

In the centre of Canberra is a stylish, high-rise residential development with a selection of two-bedroom Supported Disability Accommodation (SDA) apartments leading the way in accessible living for people with disability.

Conveniently located next to supermarkets and just a short commute to a Westfield shopping centre, they are nestled amongst 190 other apartments, allowing residents to feel part of their community

Each apartment is modified to suit each resident’s needs. Some of the accessibility features include kitchen benches that can be moved up or down and the doorbell intercom can be answered via a mobile phone app. This means if the resident is in bed, they can see who is at the door and don’t have to rush to answer. Even the blinds can be opened or closed with the touch of a button. “The apartments have induction cooktops for increased safety, as well as a button on the wall that opens and closes the doors,” said Baz, Team Leader - Disability.

“Another great feature is being able to manage the temperature control from their mobile phone, especially in Canberra’s climate.”

Image: roof top gardens

Most of the upgrades have a manual override in case of a blackout and/or loss of internet access. Life Without Barriers provides onsite support for residents in the ten SDA apartments, the housing provider is Enliven Housing. The apartments have been built with the highest safety standards in mind, including a 90-minute fire rating on the front doors, and each resident has a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) in case of an emergency.

Regular meetings are held to explain how emergency situations would be managed, and exactly what residents would need to do. There is also a dedicated apartment for a Life Without Barriers support worker to use from 10 pm to 6 am in case overnight assistance is required. This gives everyone a little extra piece of mind.

“We will be moving to 24/7 onsite support in the near future,” said Baz.

"I've watched residents really support each other as they’ve been living independently."

"For one resident, it's been their first apartment away from their parents and in a new city."

"It's wonderful to be part of this journey,” said Baz.

There is a monthly co-op meeting where residents come together and support each other to make decisions. This is another great housing option for people with a disability and brings them a step closer to living their best life, independently.

If you want to apply to live here or learn more about SIL or SDA or the Braddon apartments please click here.

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