24 May 2024

We must strive for national unity through Reconciliation.

Image: Close-up of an older man wearing a shirt, jacket and a broad-brimmed hat.

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) takes place from May 27th to June 3rd each year and signifies the ongoing journey towards Reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and non-Indigenous Australians. 

Reconciliation is not just about acknowledging the past; it is also about working together to create a better future. This week-long commemoration calls upon individuals, communities, organisations, and the government to foster mutual respect, understanding, and equality and encourages us to unite as we strive towards healing and understanding.  

Now more than ever, the work continues

This National Reconciliation Week it is crucial for us all to engage in meaningful conversations, learn from the past, and take proactive steps towards Reconciliation.  

The 2024 theme ‘Now More Than Ever’ is a powerful call to action to address the unfinished business of Reconciliation. 

We can contribute to Reconciliation by educating ourselves about the history, culture, and by strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

Ways you can support National Reconciliation Week: 

By amplifying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community voices and supporting initiatives that promote cultural preservation and empowerment, we can help build a more inclusive and just society. 

Keeping up the momentum  

The National Reconciliation Week 2024 design and artwork, created by Gubbi Gubbi artist Maggie Douglas, represents the momentum of the theme ‘Now More Than Ever’.  

The chevron, a universal symbol for pointing the way, signifies advancing as one as Australia looks toward a Reconciled future. The vibrant artwork encourages connection, understanding and continuing to move forward in the journey towards Reconciliation.  

Image: National Reconciliation Week 2024 graphic by Reconciliation Australia. 'Now more than ever' text in white on an orange, purple and back background.

From its roots in National Sorry Day to the vision outlined in the Uluru Statement, this week serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing commitment to right past wrongs and forge a future based on respect, equality, and partnership. 

Together with millions of Australians, Life Without Barriers reaffirms our dedication to Reconciliation, understanding that unity is fundamental to a brighter future for all.

We encourage you to embrace National Reconciliation Week as an opportunity to listen, learn, and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. By recognising the importance of their cultural heritage and wisdom and acknowledging the injustices of the past, we can build a nation that honours its shared history and embraces a future of Reconciliation. 

We are committed to Reconciliation

Learn more about our commitment to Reconciliation through our Reconciliation Action Plan

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