17 November 2020

We look forward to working with you as you grow your skills with these valuable resources.

Since its launch in 2018, Life Without Barriers Learning Management System, myLearning, has offered our carers access to a wide range of courses to help grow their skills. To ensure myLearning continues to meet everyone’s needs, it’s getting a major upgrade in December. This upgrade will:

  • simplify how you access myLearning, and

  • provide an improved learning experience.

Once the upgrade is complete, to use myLearning you will:  

  • need an individual email address 

  • be unable to share an email address (and therefore won’t be able to access the system) 

  • need a new myLearning username (this will be your email address) and password.

To ensure you can continue to access all the resources we offer on the system, if you share an email address with another authorised carer, we ask that you:   

  • Decide who is the ‘owner’ of this email and notify your Life without Barriers key worker of your decision.

  • Encourage the non-owner of the email address to provide their own individual email address to your Life Without Barriers key worker.

Before the upgrade, if you have any courses marked ‘in progress’ in myLearning, please complete these. Unfortunately, courses partially completed cannot be transferred across once the upgrade occurs.

After the upgrade, you will receive an email containing a new link to myLearning along with instructions explaining how to set up your new username and password.

There are more than 45 courses designed for carers in myLearning; you can discover more about these courses and our approach to supporting learning in the Life Without Barriers Carer Guide.

If you have technical issues with myLearning, please contact myLearning@lwb.org.au.

For any enquiries or suggestions about Carer Learning Pathways, please contact lwbcarers@lwb.org.au

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