28 November 2022

Micky is happiest when playing netball with his friends.

Micky standing with three girls at the Netball Championships.

Anyone who has met Micky will tell you about his bubbly personality. He is sociable and popular – and is not at all shy of being the centre of attention.

Michael, or Micky as he is known to his friends, lives in Alice Springs and has been supported by Life Without Barriers since he was a teenager.

Being an extrovert, Micky is happiest when he is surrounded by people. He enjoys playing netball, which he practices every Thursday and Saturday with his team, the “Thorny Devils”. He looks forward to his netball practice partly for the game and mainly because of the good friends he has made there.

Micky standing with two female teammates on the netball court.

Micky recently travelled to Darwin to compete with his team, the “Thorny Devils” in the All Abilities category of the 2022 NT Link Netball Championships.

“I love Darwin. I went on a plane,” said Micky.

He thoroughly enjoyed playing at the Championship games. His friendly attitude exemplified the spirit of the Championships, and he was declared the “Happiest Person of Netball NT 2022” at the closing ceremony. Micky received an overwhelming round of applause, with many competitors showing him appreciation at the end of the event for his good-spirited nature.

When asked what the best part of the experience was, he answered, “my friends were there,” referring to his friends on the team.

Micky and his team standing together in a huddle.

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