1 October 2022

The Living Arts team are living up to their name!

Image: Phi and Kat Coppock, mindshare curator and online editor, at the North Adelaide Community Centre. The “Be Brave” & “Make Change” artworks were created during the Life Without Barriers Family Fun Days and Rec in the West inviting attendees to add their own thoughts and reflections about reconciliation as they wove wool, raffia, native grasses or sparkly pipe cleaners into the piece.

It’s almost Mental Health Awareness Month in South Australia and our Living Arts program have been busy preparing!

The team helped install the mindshare Group Exhibition which features works by the young people we support alongside other community arts groups and local feature artists with lived experience of mental health challenges.

This exhibition is featured online year round and becomes tangible across three community centres around Adelaide in October. They are Minor Works Building (pictures), Adelaide City Library, and the North Adelaide Community Centre and will be officially open from Friday, October 7th and on display until October 26th.

This exhibition is curated by Kat Coppock on behalf of the mindshare platform, created and hosted by the Mental Health Coalition of SA!

The team are so proud of the young people sharing their work and the community-created pieces that Life Without Barriers carers and kids in care have contributed to this year!

Will we see you at the launch? Details below!

Life Without Barriers volunteers installed the artworks.

Mindshare Group Exhibition Launch

Celebrate the launch of the Mindshare Group Exhibition!

mindshare is an online space that invites the general public to share personal experiences or thoughts connected to mental health, either in everyday observations or through art and storytelling. The Exhibition features creatives with lived experience of mental health challenges, alongside works made by participants in creative outreach and rehabilitation programs run by Life Without Barriers’ Living Arts Program, Neami National and Skylight.

Life Without Barriers' Living Arts Program is featuring collaborative pieces made during Family Fun Days, the MOCKINGBIRD Family™ animation Projects and works from three emerging young artists.

  • Date:  Friday 7 October

  • Time: 4pm – 6pm

  • Location: North Adelaide Community Centre, 176 Tynte St, North Adelaide, South Australia.

For more information, visit the Mindshare website.

Four women standing together with art behind them.

Mental Health services

Life Without Barriers offers a number of mental health services in select communities across Australia

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